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To my Garden Valley 6th Grade Falcons,

The recent global pandemic may have changed your fifth and sixth grade years, but it cannot, and will not, steal your future. While you will always remember this challenging time, we hope you will be the group that doesn't take anything for granted. My hope is that you will value your relationships, make the most of your opportunities and create a great future. Look forward, stay positive, stay optimistic. Work hard and believe the best is yet to come. Here are a few things for you to ponder as you reflect on years past and dream of what is to come…

  • The most important thing you can do in life is to find, live and share your purpose.
    • Follow your dreams.
    • Don't quit because work is hard or you're experiencing challenges. Persevere and never give up.  Have grit!

  • Learn from every job and experience. Every experience, good or bad, prepares you for life.
    • Trust the process of learning, living, and improving.

Best of luck in everything you choose to do.

Warmest Regards,
Stacey Firpo

Principal, Garden Valley Elementary

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